Name Size Links
Update to version 2.03 from version 2.02 29,3 Mb Download
Update to version 2.03 from version 2.02 (With Wide Panel) 29,3 Mb Download
Version 2.02 88,1 Mb Download
PT TU-154M Czechoslovak version 1.2 patch (equivalent to russian V2.03). This patch has to be applied over existing V1.1 installation. Do not forget to backup your existing aircraft.cfg file. 34.04 Mb Download
Complete installation package of PT TU-154M Czechoslovak version 1.1. Package includes Czech Air Force reg. 1003 livery, complete airplane (with Czech panel and sounds), original and Czech documentation, including step-by-step tutorial in Czech. 91.34 Mb Download
PT TU-154M Full Kit 2.04
125 Mb